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First, let's go back a bit.


Long before the Romans were gorging themselves on larks’ tongues and stuffed dormouse, our Greek ancestors enjoyed a simple cuisine, based on fresh, local ingredients. Succulent meats, the magical combination of feta with oregano, mild creamy yogurts, hummus and, of course, our incomparable olive oil.


So far so yummy.


But somewhere between ancient Greece and 2019 London, Greek food lost its mojo.


Until now...


We're dedicating ourselves (and fancy kitchen) to recapturing the glory of our national food. It’s timely, with everyone now aware of the Mediterranean diet’s health benefits. A lot of our menu is even veggie/vegan-friendly, too.


We call our mission Going Greek, because that’s how we want you to feel: like you’ve been transported to the fragrant hillsides of our forefathers’ homeland, with the blue Aegean sparkling just beyond the pines (we'll have postcards at hand if you’re struggling).


Enjoy a scrumptious souvlaki or sample some sharing plates with an ice-cold Greek beer. Choose between a traditional pastry or delightful dessert to go with your coffee.


Whether you’re eating at our place or yours, we hope you’ll agree with our belief; sometimes, Going Greek is the only way to go!

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